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How does an intiuitive reading work?

Readings with Nancy work best if you if you prepare a list of 4-6 questions (for an hour session) ahead of time. The more specific the question is, the better Nancy will describe what she gets intiuitively. Readings can take place in person or over the phone. All readings are confidential.

What information can come through?

The more specific the question, generally the more specific the answer. If information on a different topic is strong and comes through during your reading, Nancy will share that with you as it is a message that you are meant to hear.

How should I use this information?

Life is a series of choices that you make. An intiuitive reading can provide information that the universe wants you to know...insight into your life situations. It is up to you how to interpret the information. No good intuitive will ever tell you how to live your life. You live entirely in choice each and every moment. So if you are seeking guidance to see the possibilites in your life, the reading will help. If you are looking for a quick fix to your problems, that is not what will happen.

Nancy will deliver the information in the most authentic manner possible. She will describe for you what messages she is seeing, hearing, feeling, or knowing. It is up to you to understand or relate the information to your life. So if Nancy describes to you a certain situation, only you know what that means in your life. If you do not understand the information at all, please let Nancy know, or ask a related question in order to clarify the answer. Please be aware that you might also receive information that you do not want to hear. This information, however, is being provided so that you can apply your free will in these situations. Your future is truly up to you!

Feel free to take notes during the reading. Notes allow review, reflection and comprehension, assisting your future decision-making.

Your future is truly up to you!
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