Nancy Anderson Medium and spirit guide

Your future is truly up to you!

We all have moments in our lives when we feel confused and no matter which way we turn, we see a roadblock. We want to do the right thing for ourselves, for our friends and family, yet we do not feel like we have all the right information to make a good decision.

By tapping a deeper dimension, I will use my gifts to aid and guide as you walk your chosen path. Understanding things at a different level has always been a gift for Nancy. Bringing that understanding into practical, applicable insights for your life is how Nancy can help you on your life's path.

An intuitive reading, either by appointment, phone or email, can assist in looking past the roadblocks, whether they come from issues at work, home, family or past lives.

Medium and Intuitive reading Anderson

Working with an intuitive to see the influences that are coming to bear on your set of choices can be illuminating and freeing.

Nancy, who lives in the Black Hills of South Dakota, invites you to look through her website for more information about her, her services, her contact information and Special Events in your area where you can meet her in person.

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Spirit guides our lives; we are all connected and have experienced deja vu, dreams and gut feelings. Sifting and sorting of these spirit messages can require assistance of a intuitive. Nancy is a phone call away.

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