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What Nancy's Clients Say

Nancy intuitively knows things. She told me it was ok to let go of trying to keep a relationship with my mother. I hadn't shared those feelings with Nancy, but she just knew and it was, at first, a little unsettling. There was a tremendous amount of release in what she told me...I am now beginning to heal because of her guidance.
Diane, Rapid City, SD

It is such an amazing experience to have a reading with Nancy! I have felt such peace after each reading. Nancy's insight allows me to focus on the areas of my life I am sabotaging and understand why. Readings with Nancy have helped me let go and start living my life!
Stephanie, Rapid City, SD

Nancy's insight helped me with the burning questions of family, money and love. The "church circuit" was right on the money! Nancy gave me the strength to look inside myself and forgive me and what errors I have made. Amy, Hot Springs, SD

Nancy has amazing insight and a way with words to really help you find the path your journey should be on!Rhonda, Minneapolis, MN

One afternoon Nancy and I were talking about our personal journeys, accomplishments, losses, and hopes for the future when the topic went to my mother-in-law who had passed away. I had spent a lot of time with my mother-in-law. Nancy looked at me and said, 'she says you're such a dear'. It was like it came out of my mother-in-law's mouth. It shocked me. Nancy says she knows things, and she really does. Trust what she shares with you, I do.
Diane, Loveland, CO

Nancy's innate ability to accurately perceive the true nature of a situation or problem is astounding. Using a combination of that ability and her remarkable intuition, she was able to help me tremendously with both personal and professional guidance.Cathy, Rapid City, SD

I recently had the opportunity to talk with Nancy regarding a career change in my life and other past experiences. She made me feel extremely comfortable and demonstrated what I thought was a very natural ability to read someone. The most interesting part of our conversation, one that I consider almost uncanny, is that she described the type of career I should be in and, to not only find that it was a career I was considering, but one that I had also had just been hired in three days prior. I would definitely come back to her for the occasional update.Natalie, Bemidji, MN

I found Nancy to be a delightful person to work with. She was accurate and helpful. The best part of the reading is when we went out with the horses, none of whom she had ever seen before. She was ‘right on’ with who they are and gave me some wonderful insights on them to be able to utilize.Judi, Rapid City, SD

Nancy Anderson Medium, Rapid City
Nancy is a born intuitive. She is multi-sensory and has the gifts of clairvoyance (seeing), clairsentience (feeling), clairaudience (hearing), claircognizance (knowing), clairtangency (touching), precognition and mediumship. She offers these gifts to people seeking assistance and guidance to facilitate positive change. Life is filled with choices and decisions and it is Nancy's goal to use her gifts to help guide individuals and organizations in challenging moments and in future planning. Her goal is to also teach you about your intiuitive gifts to empower you in your own life.
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